How many times have we heard "there ought to be a law" or the government can't keep up with...?  You name the issues.  Changing technology, medical advacnes, changes in climate?  Legislative Reserve provides an opportunity to address these issues.


The Legislative Reserve is a means to help assimilate the legal issues into law more quickly.  Because it is congressionalesque, similar to our democratic institutions, formal legislative bodies may be more willing to take up the products, bills, and critiques of the issue.  This provides those formal bodies issues already straw polled, grass rooted, vetted, and voted on.


Because the Legislative Reserve is similar to our democratic process, one could think of it as a sketetonal model of our current Legislative process.  Due to the likely sensitive nature of some of the issues, the media may also find some of the issues worth reporting on thus helping to educate the public on all sides of the issue.




Establishing an online legislature using the Army Reserve and our U.S. Legislature as a model.  The participants, Representatives, would give one weekend per month on line and a two week gathering per year toward debating and voting on an issue or several issues.  See the Methodology tab above.



During a wrap up session the Representatives would vote on the issue(s) and publish the results.  This would include.the votes themselves, a majority would not be required but preferred.  In addition to the vote, the opinion of largest voting block would be written and published similar to the opinions the Supreme Court does for each decision.  Dissenting opinions may also be written and published.


Overall Outcome

Due to the democratic process, the issue would gain some degree of clarity as viewed through the lense of the political process.  This provides our formal legislative bodies a means to view and address those concerns for issues they may not even be aware, have the energy nor the understanding of how to approach the issue.  Thus moving those upcoming or new concerns into a package they can consider.  This assists the 'government to better keep up with ..., well you, The People, get to name the issue.


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An all volunteer congressionalesque organization modelled after the Army Reserve.  The purpose is three fold.


First to debate issues on the cutting edge of technology and other difficult issue that need or will soon need societal agreement on proper use, restrictions, and oversight.


Second provide individuals particularly those in political science an opportunity to gain first hand experience in how legislatures work.


Third produce products (bills) that official legislatures can introduce into their legislative process.


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Legislative Reserve

An online Congress

Government Of the People, For the People, and

By the People


Providing a means for The People to participate and influence our legislatures by vetting ideas through a process similar to Congress and proposing those ideas as bills to Congress.

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