The first Luke Simon Ride was held in 2002 to help our family. Luke, 9 years old, had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. John and some other friends organized the ride in about 3 weeks to help our family. Unfortunately, we lost Luke that summer. The ride has continued every year in his memory. Each year we select a local family whose child has a major medical problem. With the help of many, many people, we raise money to help these families.




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Upcoming Ride


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sign in begins 10:00 am - 12:00 pm at Charlie's Harley Davidson


Past Rides


2nd Annual

The Second Annual Luke Simon Benefit Ride was held in 2003.  This was the first ride held in Luke's memory.  Mackenzie Brewer was nine years old and also diagnosed with a brain tumor.   Unfortunately, Mackenzie lost her battle with cancer later that year. 


 3rd Annual

Derek Bostic was 2 years old in 2004.  He was diagnosed with a neuroblastomia.  Derek has undergone many treatments and surgeries and is doing well today. 


4th Annual

The Fourth Annual Luke Simon Benefit Ride was held in 2005 for Daniel Perry.  Daniel was 8 years old.  He had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Daniel and his family were the first family to join us after the ride at our picnic.  We were all blessed that afternoon.  Daniel passed away later that same year.


5th Annual

Blake Scarberry was the recipient of the 5th Annual Luke Simon Benefit Ride.  Blake had been diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 8.  Although Blake has some difficulties due to the surgery, he is doing great.


6th Annual

2006 was the first year that the ride benefited more than one child.  Brayden and Trevin Saunders, 7 and 9 years old, have a rare genetic disease that affects their immune system.  Both boys needed bone marrow transplants.  Brayden and Trevin are home now.  They are both doing well.


7th Annual

Thanks to our sponsers and riders, it was a huge success! Jacob, 4 years old, was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. He is in Cincinnati undergoing treatment. His mom and dad are by his side. Your donations make it possible for them to stay there. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Last year's benefit family, Brayden and Trevin, are home from Duke. The boys are doing well. We were able to help them once again this year. For more Info: cotaforbraydenandtrevin.com .

Christian is 12 years old. He has a tumor around his heart. We were able to help him take a vacation between rounds of treatment.

Amanda is 6 years old. She is currently in remission but still faces many tests and challenges. Our donation to her family helped with some unexpected financial difficulties this winter.

Finally, your generous donations helped Drew. He is a 4 year old from Huntington who is undergoing treatment and surgery for a neuroblastomia. THANKS TO YOU, WE HELPED 6 CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES!!


8th Annual

Our 2009 benefit ride was held for Drew. He was diagnosed with a neuroblastomia and facing a stem cell transplant and treatment. He and his parents were unable to attend but his grandmother and some friends were. Drew was given the all clear sign in the fall of 2009. Unfortunately, Drew is no longer in remission and is fighting again. Please continue to pray for him and his family.


On a sad note, we send our thoughts and prayers out to Jacob's family. Jacob was one of the children that we rode for in 2008. He lost his battle late last year. You will be missed.



9th Annual

The 2010 Luke Simon Memorial Ride was a great success! Thanks to all the riders who came out to support our cause. We had a great time and raised a lot of money for our families. Also a great big thanks to Charlie's HD, Skybox Sports Bar, Classic Jewelry and Loan, and the American Legion for allowing us make stops. We also appreciate all of the hard work and donations that were provided. We couldn't do it without YOU.

Just a quick note to let you know about the children you helped this year.  Jansen is an infant born with numerous medical problems.  His family has many bills to worry about along his care.  We were able to help with some of that worry. 

 We also were able to help Drew and his family again.  He was our benefit child from 2009.  We are sad to say good-bye to Drew.  He went to Heaven with our other angels in November 2010.

We are getting ready to make another donation to a brave little girl and her family soon.  Watch for more information soon.


10th Annual

The 10th Annual Ride was huge! Big thanks to all of our riders and sponsors. We couldn't do it without you! Donations were made to the following families:

Josie has a tumor behind her eye and has undergone many procedures. Her current tests show no signs of cancer. Praise the Lord!

Kaleb is a five year old with several brain tumors. He received treatment and has undergone surgery. We were able to support his family with our donations to help with medical, travel, and other expenses. Kaleb also is in remission. God is good!

Hannah is a teenager from Glenwood with a brain tumor. She also travels out of town for treatment. Our donation helped with expensive car repairs so that Hannah could get to her treatments.

Jeremy, a teenager in Winfield, has two masses on his brain. A donation was made to his family to help with medical expenses.


11th Annual

May 19th, 2012 was the 11th Annual Ride and it was a big success. We were able to help several families again this year.

Jaren is a local high school student who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis; he received a double lung transplant. Our donation helped his family with medical expenses.

Hannah was a recipient in the 10th Annual Ride. She suffers a brain tumor and other complications. This year our donations helped Hannah continue treatments that her insurance did not cover.

Caleb also has a brain tumor and is receiving treatment. Our donations helped with travel expenses for his family.

Megan is battling leukemia, and she recently received a bone marrow transplant. She is receiving treatment in Cincinnati, OH. Our donations helped support her parents so they can take off work and be by her side.

Keep all these kids in your thoughts and prayers.


12th Annual

The 12th Annual was a great success. The weather was beautiful and the turnout was great. We were able to make donations to four different families.

Hannah is a recipient from previous years, and she continues to fight.

Jenna is an infant facing multiple surgeries for a heart problem.

Nehemiah is eight years old and is fighting tumors on his spine and brain.

Graysen was a brave little boy who had severe heart problems and many complications from surgeries and treatments. He will be greatly missed.

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