May & Alia


We're two performers with a dream.
A Dream to be silly.

Alia Vryens starred as Edith in the 1997 Upwey High School version of Pirates of Penzance.  The following year May Jasper played Ruth Geelong Grammar School’s version, despite being a 15 year old with braces (Ruth is supposed to be 47). 



do Pirates! (of Penzance)

It’s the chance they’ve been waiting for. The rest of the cast hasn’t showed (traffic, food-poisoning, zombie attacks) and May and Alia have to perform all of ‘Pirates of Penzance’ BY THEMSELVES.

The result is a clowning, puppeteering musical with a bit of soul, a lot of guffaws, starring May and Alia and some balloons with hats on. It’s a 50-min musket-blast of G&S fun.