Zia's Stuffed Animal Rescue

How the Zia Plush rescue came to be:


Hello there. My name is Zia and this is how my stuffed animal rescue began. As a young girl I was never particularly interested in dolls but I adored my stuffed animals. As I grew up that love never faded. Going to thrift stores and garage sales it always broke my heart to see all of the plushes that were abandoned. One day I found 2 bags full of stuffed animals that someone wanted to throw away simply because the daughter had outgrown them. In one of those bags I found the most ADORABLE baby panther who i instantly fell in love with and still have to this day. Then it dawned on me that if I could fall in love with an abandon plushie then there must be people out there that could still enjoy these toys, they just don't have access to them. Thus the Zia Stuffed Animal Rescue was born.


My Mission:


Now even though I wish I could rescue every plush I see I know that isn't possible so in general I try to stick with "high quality" animals. That being said I won't turn down any plush that is given to me to rehome. Now I do charge a small fee for each animal depending on their value but this is only so that I can continue rescuing and to pay for their restoration. My goal is to rescue and rehome as many cuddly critters as I can of course but it also goes deeper than that. I know just how important my own plushes are to me, and sadly I know that sometimes our friends get lost or destroyed. So I look to reconnect people with the plushes they once loved as children. If you had a stuffed animal that meant so much to you I will do my best to find it or at least one as similar as possible. Again I most likely won't be able to find the EXACT stuffed animal, only something similar, so please don't send a request if you won't accept ANYTHING else.


How to adopt:


Now adopting from Zia's stuffed animal rescue is quite simple. You send me an email (which can be found on the "contact us" page) detailing which plush, or plushes, you are interested in adopting, and why, along with your zip code so that I can calculate your shipping. I'm very sorry but at this time I do NOT offer shipping outside of the USA. Following that I will email you will said calculated shipping and what your total would be. If you are ready to commit to adopting one of my animals I will have you send the payment to my paypal and the following saturday your new friend will be shipped out. Simply click the "Adopt" button on the menu to view the babies we currently have ready for adoption.