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Grey's Anatomy does not shy away from dreadful and gory accidents, and this week’s show may just take the dessert. We’ve known that Season 9, Episode 22: “Do You Believe in Magic?” functions a magician’s technique gone badly incorrect, but we had no concept it would be this weakling.


In a new look, we see Meredith hurrying a individual to the ER, and though the lady is protected in bandages, beneath them, she is sawed in 50 percent. Yep. In two items, yet somehow still in existence.

As they hurry down the corridor, two individuals are strolling behind them in sparkly clothing, presumably the wizard and associate who were accountable for this technique.


“I could not listen to ‘Titanic,’” the man says, which the lady beside him statements is the “safe word” that she screamed a number of periods. Either way, as Meredith declares, there was a “chainsaw to the stomach,” and it will be a miracle if she endures.


However, there may be more to the tale than satisfies the eye. We question this individual will instantly die, as the key engaged a “giant propeller” and there happens to be “huge twist” relating to the wonderful group of 3.


This video also reveals that Bailey is far from better. We already realized this, as the physicians level an involvement after she hair herself in a lab, but it’s still terrifying to think that she is not working. Rich is getting over her sufferers, though, and it gives him and Meredith a opportunity to connection on the way to the ER.


“How is she still alive?” Meredith concerns. “I have no concept,” Rich responses. So, what will occur to this sawed-in-half gal? Examine out the video below, and then track in for the show the next day to discover out.