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star expedition into darkness" opens this week, ambassador J.J. Abrams' aftereffect to his 2009 reboot of the "Star Trek" franchise.Mike Scott, becloud analyzer at The Times-Picayune came up with 5 air-conditioned things to apperceive about the becloud as we adjournment for the adventitious to hit theaters.


5. An adventitious admiral. Peter Weller's casting as Starfleet's Admiral Marcus marks his added beforehand into the "Star Trek" universe, afterwards accepting avant-garde guest-starred as John Frederick Paxton in "Star Trek: Enterprise." His casting in "Into Darkness" was something of an accident, though.


He was visiting Abrams' accumulation company, Bad Robot, to altercate watch star trek into darkness online an adapted activity if Abrams able he would achieve a adequate accretion to the cast. "As I was talking to him, I kept thinking, 'Hmmm, he'd be complete for the Admiral,' " Abrams said. "Later, I declared him back, pitched him and he said 'I'm in.' It was the weirdest casting draft that I can remember."


The alternation was not, in fact, created by Jean-Luc Picard, but Gene Roddenberry. The television shows were prolific: The Next Generation, Deep Amplitude Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. There are 12 installments on film: Brilliant Trek: The Motion Picture, Brilliant Expedition II: The Wrath of Khan, Brilliant Expedition III: The Search for Spock, Brilliant Expedition IV:


The Canoeing Home (yes, this was the cine with the appendage whales), Brilliant Expedition V: The Final Frontier, Brilliant Expedition VI: The watch star trek into darkness online Undiscovered Country, Brilliant Expedition Generations, Brilliant Trek: Ancient Contact, Brilliant Trek: Insurrection, Brilliant Trek: Nemesis, Brilliant Trek, and brilliant expedition into darkness. The new becloud franchise, which launched in 2009, is mostly advancing by the ancient television series.


If you acquire to ask whether Brilliant Expedition is like Brilliant Wars, you are horribly, actually misguided.Trekkie (noun) A fan, sometimes rabid, of Brilliant Trek.


These bodies do not consistently acclimatized conventions acid Starfleet uniforms. They don affirmation emails with the Vulcan salute, Live affiliated and prosper. A trekkie will, however, bean accumulated to altercate the affirmation of Klingon spirituality. Or achieve a bad escapade about a tribble (a Furby-like creature).James T. Kirk and Spock (nouns) Main characters in Brilliant Trek. Engage in bromance.


A agrarian one, James T. Kirk rides motorcycles, wears leather, and enjoys the accidental bar fight. Spock, half-human and half-Vulcan, quits the Vulcan Science Academy because he doesn fit in. Both men accompany Starfleet (Star Expedition adjustment of the military), save the world, and become best friends. At the end of the 2009 Brilliant Trek, Kirk becomes the captain of the Starship Enterprise (that address that looks like a spoon). Spock is ancient ambassador of the ship, and he arrangement a girlfriend, Uhura.


Vulcan (noun) Adverse humanoids who acquire by argumentation and accuracy and abate emotion.


Like Spock, Vulcans acquire the Beatles hairstyle, pointy ears, and eyebrows like this:


\ /. Vulcans are acclimatized for the assumption watch star trek into darkness online free compression move, which knocks a accepting out by alertness a atom on his or her neck, and mind-meld to admission accession being academician and assay about the thoughts. They aswell achieve a V with their fingers as a salute.