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So we all know that there are a lot of craft fairs and event organisers out there!

But can you hand on heart say that you have been to an event you have not

complained about?


Having attended many of the events as an assistant to either my mother or my sister, and organising a successful Wedding Show, I decided enough was enough. I no longer wished to witness the kaos of mismanaged and unorganised events, with stallholders becoming stressed and customers coming through the doors to find some stallholders still unpacking their stock. 


Within this website you will find events, reviews and photo's from all events I have planned and executed.


Keeping in mind all of the above you will also find various ways in which you will be able to address concerns or let me know things that bother you - the thing to remember is if you tell me I can stop it and therefore you will have a more enjoyable event and therefore reap the rewards, its a win win situation.


Below you will find a slide show of the pictures for the previous events we have run.

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