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Watch Iron Man 3 Online Neither Disney, Regal nor AMC would comment on the negotiations, which continued even as Disney and Marvel hosted the Los Angeles premiere of the tentpole Wednesday night, although most in Hollywood believe the dispute will be resolved. All was friendly on the premiere's red carpet, where Regal dispatched a camera crew to cover the event. If AMC and Regal stand firm and refuse to accept Disney's new terms, it would be a major blow for the movie. Studio insiders say it has been seven years since Disney revisited its terms, and that in that time, it has upped its profile by acquiring Pixar, Marvel and now LucasFilm.



The superhero tentpole doesn't open for another week in North America, where the clock is ticking for Disney and top theater circuits to resolve their battle over terms.

The 2013 summer box office officially commenced Wednesday as Marvel Studios and Disney's Iron Man 3 began rolling out at the foreign box office, where it is projected to collect north of $110 million by Sunday.
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Returning Robert Downey Jr. in the title role, Iron Man 3 is opening internationally a week ahead of its North American debut May 3, similar to Iron Man 2, which posted a foreign opening of roughly $100 million in 2010.


Based on tracking, Iron Man 3 could open between $135 million and $145 million in North America, ahead of the $128.1 million debut of Iron Man 2 three years ago. Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle also are returning cast members.

Disney has high hopes for the threequel -- directed by franchise newcomer Shane Black -- although the studio has yet to resolve a prickly battle with select U.S. theater owners over terms.

In the latest development, Regal Entertainment pulled all marketing and promotional materials for the pic from its 580 theaters in 42 states, including trailers.

And in many areas, it's nearly impossible to purchase advance tickets for Iron Man 3 since Regal and AMC Entertainment, two of the country's three largest circuits, yanked tickets early last week nor are advance ticket sales available for Cinemark, the No. 1 exhibitor.