Based at James Madison High School, MadSCI is a team of students, faculty, and advisors designing and building solar cars to further science, engineering, technology, business, and renewable resources. The goal of MadSCI is to bring together students of different backgrounds and let their talents and brain power intertwine to generate different ideas and innovations geared toward finding solutions for real world problems.


James Madison High School Solar Car Initiative




For more information about the sponsors, go to the sponsors page.

 If you would like to help and support us, please go the support us page.

We would like to thank the sponsors of MadSCI for their gracious support, 

Rivercity Industries 

We would also like to thank those organizations that have awarded us grants,

and those organizations and businesses that afforded us fundraising opportunities,

without whom, this organization would not be possible.


  • We would like to thank Solidworks for giving us the CAD program so we could design Asterion and other components!




      Upcoming Event

      February 28: This Saturday 

      the Solar car team will be at 

       both the Wittie musuem 

     Technology fair, and the              Judson middle school STEM


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