HCG weight loss Dont Think About Food: Tips for Losing Weight

What s Your Fitness and Health Goal?

I just came back from a convention in Phoenix, where I spent the weekend handing out recognition t-shirts, pins and certificates to everyone who had completed their fitness and health goal in the Isabody Challenge. What an amazing experience!! I spoke to almost two hundred people who had struggled to lose weight, get fit, and develop lean muscle mass. Many of them had lost over 100 pounds in 5 months to 5 years by doing back-to-back challenges and not giving HCG weight loss website up. Even if they fell off the wagon and binged on pizza, chicken wings, or Thanksgiving dinner one weekend, they started again on their Isagenix program of undenatured whey protein shakes and nutritional cleansing, and resumed their workouts to get back on track toward their goal.

Overcome Challenge


Their stories were amazing. I have never had to struggle with being hugely overweight, and before this weekend I had never heard the stories of people who do. Their stories spoke of being fat from childhood, of gaining weight after an injury that forced inactivity, of being mocked, laughed at, labelled, and isolated, and the pain it caused. Some told me how they would eat for comfort to mask emotional pain. Who wants to hug a cactus?


Others had constant physical pain in their joints from carrying extra weight. Still others feared for the health of their hearts and organs. Yet they found a way to overcome inner and outer challenges to change their health, their bodies and their lives. Their journeys are testaments of courage, character, and the scientific knowledge that has formulated these nutritional products.

Now they stood before me in tears looking for small and medium t-shirts instead of 2XL and 3XL, whispering I can t believe I can wear a Small.

We ran out of Smalls on the first day, and Mediums on the second day. By the end of the convention, there were only two Larges left, and during the whole weekend I had given out only two 2XL to a person who had just started, and to another who had already dropped 100 pounds in 11 months, and was working on dropping a second 100.

Losing 100 Pounds Changed Their Lives

I was so moved and thrilled by their achievements, and to hear how their lives had changed. Now they can play soccer with their children, walk around the block without losing their breath, run up and down stairs, ride on airplanes without being required to pay for two seats, work out at the gym, and even train for marathons. Over and over I heard, I am so grateful to have my life back.

How did they do it? They stuck to the program HCG weight loss of two undenatured whey protein shakes a day, with a caloric value of less than 300 calories each. They ate a nutritious meal of their choice, consisting of salad, vegetables, and a lean protein source such as skinless chicken or fish. They cleansed once a week with Cleanse for Life, a drink full of antioxidant botanicals, vitamins and minerals that supports the body's natural ability to cleanse, and reduces the effects of stress. They drank at least 64 ounces of water daily. They exercised moderately for twenty minutes a day, and they got at least seven hours of sleep every night.

That's almost it: right nutrition, cleansing, lots of water, exercise, and sleep.

What's the final key? They never quit. If they binged, or partied with their friends, or fell off the wagon, they turned the page and started again, again and again. They never quit. They never quit.

Even after they lost the weight they aimed for, they kept it off by continuing a daily maintenance program of right nutrition, lots of water, exercise, and sleep, with cleansing as needed.

It's simple. It works.


A Healthy Way to Lose Weight

I have decided to share this with everyone I know and everyone I meet, who wants to take control of their health, lose some weight, get fit, and feel great using these all-natural nutritional cleansing products based on a system of two daily high-protein whey shakes that have no soy, combined with antioxidants, vitamins and a regular nutritious meal of your choice. Once a week, a deep cleanse day works to release toxins from the organs and body fat, especially the hard-to-lose belly fat where the body, in self-protection, traps toxins to take them out of circulation. You can read more details about how this nutritional cleansing works here.

I have decided to join the Isabody Challenge myself, and get a team together to declare our goals and support each other in meeting them.

My Fitness and Health Goal


My goal? I want to lose 10 pounds, and lose two inches of visceral fat, the belly flab where the body stores a lot of the toxins it tries to remove from circulation so they can t damage the organs, brain and body functions. I also want to develop 5% more lean muscle mass and get some muscular definition in my arms, legs and abs.

I am moderately fit. I don t need to lose 100 pounds, but I want to feel better in my own body.

Want to Lose Weight?


I am looking for 10 people to join me, declare their fitness and health goal, and join the 90-day Isabody Challenge. Will you be one of them?

There is also a way to get your Isagenix products paid for here, as well as a business opportunity. Ask me about it.