Michael Dadoun


CEO and Co-founder at UpClick.



Outstanding Qualities of Michael Dadoun, Montreal-Based CEO

Michael Dadoun, Montreal-based entrepreneur and leader, is a confident man known for his fearless approach in business. He has the knack to choose the right talent for the right task. This helps to bring out the maximum potential of an individual.  


UpClick is one of the leading internet solutions company today. The CEO of this company, Michael Dadoun, has tactfully and ethically pushed this company to admirable heights of success. UpClick provides impeccable payment processing services to web businesses. It is a trusted name in the current digital market.


It is admirable to see how beautifully Michael leads an expanding business that demands high competence and strategy.


More about Michael


Michael is a resident of Montreal, Canada. He is also the Principal of Solaria Fund. He is quite comfortable in managing a team of highly skilled and talented people. He can also lead them properly. He is known for his flexible leading qualities.


Michael’s qualities are reflected in his many successes and in his employees’ way of working. The workforce of UpClick is happy and enthusiastic about work. This usually happens when the management is understanding and willing to give their employees a positive environment to work.


Michael motivates


It is hard to escape from the motivation of this man. You only need to spend some moments with the CEO of UpClick to get infused with energy and zeal to accomplish something.


That’s what Michael does to his workforce. He transfers his enthusiasm to them, so that they hardly feel a burden of work in the company. Energetic people are ready to work even under pressure. They don’t fear deadlines. They are calm and composed, irrespective of the business situation.


What’s Michael got?


Michael Dadoun, Montreal-based CEO, is first a good human being. You cannot be a good CEO without having a nice heart. It needs intelligent tactics to move ahead in business, but good CEOs never compromise with integrity.


They also never fear hard work and failures. They are ready to take up challenges and see each problem with ease. Passion is an important quality for becoming successful in any venture. Michael has it in oodles.
This man is full of talent, energy, positivity, and with a fire to achieve big in life. He also has the knack to lead. He leads with an impeccable style and takes care that each member of his talented team gets a favorable environment to put his or her best foot forward.


For a successful business venture, it is vital to have the right people in the organization. They should not only have the skill, but also the attitude. Often, it’s not the lack of skill, but the wrong attitude that can spell doom for a company.


Michael Dadoun from Montreal is well versed with the tricks of the trade. He is also laced with fine interpersonal skills. All this and more come together to give UpClick a smashing success. No doubt, CEOs like these are like gems to organizations.