NESAR assists in lifesaving efforts in the search, extrication, and safeguarding of trapped victims form natural or man-made water incidents, as well as providing search and rescue efforts on land within the New England area.  


Members of the team continually strive to follow the most current rescue methodology and practices in providing the safest, most expedient  and effective water rescue operations available.


All our members are trained at a basic level, including BLS and state certified boating safety. Many members are EMT's and Paramedics, with certifications in ACLS, NIMS, and  marine medicine. Our volunteer staff is well trained to carryout the mission of New England Search and Rescue.


NESAR| 255 Main St. STE# 501, Pawtucket, RI | Tel: (401) 495-4385 

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Due by 4/1/2014


If you are interested in joining please contact


Edward Frenze
Email: edwardfrenze@yahoo.com
Ph: 401-585-1058


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