December is Pok√©mon Profile Picture month on Facebook. Be the coolest kid in the newsfeed by getting your own custom Pokemon photo. I don't own the photos or the illustrations so I can't legally charge a set price for these. If you're interested, feel free to donate/gift me a few bucks or whatever you think it's worth via PayPal or Venmo. 

My Paypal username is Jordanbakersays@aol.com
Click here for the Paypal donate/gift transfer page.


Venmo - @JordanDeanBaker


1. You get to pick the Pokemon (you can suggest multiple Pokemon, but only one is guaranteed.

2. I get to pick the picture from any picture in your profile pics album. Feel free to suggest a specific pic, but it helps if I have options.


3. Use the Facebook or Twitter icons above to contact me. You can also use the contact form on sizablelion.com 

jordan Baker

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