Photo Retouching

My retouching skills will have you looking

your best want to remove blemishes or red eye

OMG pictures by karpov the wrecked train (cc) & Otto Yamamoto (cc) & styleserver (cc)

If you keep any of these pictures in your final website, please keep this credit too, thanks.

Cheap Quality Photo Editing by

photo repair


able to restore almost any level of damage

repair old photos sepia black and white or new full color photos

color correction, severe damage, stains

photo repair, photo retouching,photo manipulation, and original artwork


Photo Manipulation

Want a photo changed in some way want to be taller, shorter, fatter, or thinner someone miss out on the big photo and you want them added in, do you want someone removed want your head on someone elses body do you want a completely original project
nothing is to crazy  
email me with the details of what you want for a quote


Original artwork+logos

Email the details of what  you want to receive a quote

Can you find the five differences between these two planes

blue star to green star, 250 changed to 750, extra read triangle,
 missing missle under plane, missing pattern on right wing,extra  250 on tail