the damned kids


 electro ▲ electro trash






the damned kids: a project that first began as a trivial pastime and developed into a much talked about venture between two friends, Rui and Marco, whom both share a passion for electronic music.


In April 2011, “the damned kids” took off and invaded the nocturnal scene performing their dynamic electronic sets together in various clubs and bars. The duo have since gained quick recognition and acknowledgment within the electro crowd.


Never settling in one variation of electro, the damned kids' dj sets display a very vibrant, creative and energetic vibe always ensuring their fan's entertainment and appreciation.







10/08 @Boivão, The Ritual


23/08 @Rafa Bday Party


24/08 @Mouro Summer Fest(day)


24/08 @Summer Party Dive Club(night)